What Do You Know About Cannabis

What You Need to Know About the Time Weed Stays..

What Do You Know About Cannabis

What You Need to Know About the Time Weed Stays in a Person’s Body System.

Among the things that most public institutions such as companies, schools or the disciplined forces take very seriously is the issue of drugs. People that use drugs are said to be under the influence of foreign substances which impairs their decision making. For this reason, any person that may have used or gotten into contact with any drug does all they can to rid their system of drug traces when joining these institutions. Cannabis is one of the drugs that a person joining a public institution or company will be tested for. In the mind of a person that is using drugs, there is always one question that comes before one undergoes a drug test. This question that comes to the minds of the users is how long weed lasts in your system.

A number of substances from weed are attached to a person’s body cellular parts when one uses a products with weed. It is these products that are detected when a person undergoes a drug test. In almost all marijuana products you are likely to find THC and CBD. Apart from these, you will find others in trace amounts such as CBC, CBL, CBE and CBND. Most of these substances will not last long in your body but the CBD and THC take quite some time.

There are a number of things that determine the amount of time weed takes to be cleared from your system. The first thing is the amount of time a person has consumed the weed. The contents of weed will attach to the fatty tissues of the body at any one time one consumes it. More time will, therefore, be required for those people that have taken weed for a longer time.

In order to clear his system of weed, a daily user will require up to seventy days. For those taking it for up to five times a week, forty days of abstinence will be enough. For the three days per week weed users, two weeks abstinence will be enough for the body to be clean. In order to pass a drug test, a onetime weed user needs to have abstained for only one week.

The amount of time it will take to rid a person’s body of weed will also be determined by the factor of using or not using detoxification products. It has been proven that people applying both the abstinence and detoxification products clears their system of weed faster than a person that is not. A person’s body can also be helped to get rid of weed faster through the consumption of water.

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